Well, this movie was the like the Hangover, but for girls.  It was full of obscenities, dirty jokes, and sexual humor.  If you can get past all that, then you can enjoy the movie as a romcom.  Fortunately for me (or unfortunately depending on how you look at it) my mind permanently resides in the gutter so I thought it was funny.  I loved when Wilson Phillips performed because I am totally an 80’s girl.  I watched this movie when it came out in theaters.  My sister, Heather went with me.  I snuck malibu rum into the theater, because that’s how I roll……lol……also I felt totally BA.  What’s up next?  Bride Wars…..so here we go!



Being Irish, I looooove this movie.  As expected it is full of profanities, murder, and drugs.  It is almost like the Mission Impossible from Ireland.  I recommend this movie to anyone who loves a good kick butt movie with alot of laughs.  My favorite part is when they bust in on a room full of Russian mobsters…..wait for it……from the ceiling.  On to the next movie!

Oh yes………I have this movie.  I even went to the midnight showing of this movie.  It is a total slap stick comedy, but I love Will Ferrell!  He is consistantly funny in all the movies he makes.  Another of my favorites is Step Brothers.  Anyway, you can’t go wrong with Will Ferrell.  The movie has the regular cast mates from SNL i.e. Amy Poehler, Seth Meyers, etc.  It was just a great film to laugh at and be silly with.

Beauty shop was cute.  I loved the music in it.  I was not so hott about Kevin Bacon as “Jorge” pronounced (Whore Hey), who speaks vis a cherman accent. Anyway, the story line was cute but some of the acting was less than desirable.  My favorite character was Alicia Silverstone’s character because she made everything so awkward.  I am a huge fan of awkward!!!!!  Those were the best moments of the movie.

So, the story line was really cute.  And that’s where the compliments end.  This movie was super unbelievable and there is no way this would ever actually happen.  The best part of the movie was when the credits started rolling.  Seriously.  Onward and upward:  Beauty Shop is up next.

Okay, this movie has the most beautiful scenery and has its cute moments, but other than that, it is a boring movie that should be on NatGeo because it is more following a bear and the life he has.  There is hardly any talking, like Cast Away.  I disliked this movie so much that I have given it to my dad, someone who can appreciate the scenery and the story.

Again, I just have the one movie in the series.  But it is where we first meet Robin, who is played by Chris O’Donell, who in my opinion is super hot in this movie.  The movie itself was not spectacular but Robin made the movie.  I’m not a Val Kilmer fan but I do like the way he kicks butt in this movie.  I know this post is short but I really have nothing else to say about it……on to the next movie:  The Bear